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Geneva Marathon (6th May 2018)
Another successful Geneva Marathon was held last Sunday. Congratulations to all our amazing marathon (and semi-marathon) running guests ! Once again the residence was fully booked.
New reception area planned for this autumn
Our reception is going to get a makeover and from October guests will be able to enjoy its new welcoming and stylish design.
On-going improvements.
We continually upgrade and redecorate our flats so as to ensure guests have an enjoyable stay. Our studios are all of a superior standard and we'll shortly finish upgrading all of the flats.
Tram info

The tram has been running since 2019, from the Moëllesulaz customs office to rue du Parc in the middle of Annemasse town center.

It completes the Léman Express which connects the Cornavin to that of Annemasse.

This winter the work is far from us and the nuisances that go with it, for your benefit. great satisfaction.